Located in the heart of Downtown Berthoud, One Point Six North is a purveyor of fine, locally sourced, elevated Cocktails and Tapas.

In the early 1880s, the Colorado Central Railroad recognized that Berthoud's location on the river bottom caused their steam-powered locomotives to labor excessively to ascend the grade out of the valley. At their urging, during the winter of 1883-84, several buildings of the town were loaded on wheels and pulled by teams of draft animals to the town's present-day location on the bluff, one mile (1.6 km) north of the river. 




405 5th Street

Tues - Sat 5pm-10pm
Sun Brunch 9am-2pm


About US

Annie and Bob have been local food enthusiasts for close to 25 years. As their family grew from 2 to 7, Annie needed to find a way to feed their tribe on a budget. 18 years ago she began making bread to not only help the budget, but to ensure that her family was eating the best bread possible, having only four simple ingredients. Through the years her bread has been made for family and friends with rave reviews. In 2011, Annie started baking this bread to help supplement her and Bob's farm sales at the local farmers' market. Once told, "forget the farm, open a bakery", Annie and Bob knew they were on to something great.

From those bakery roots and their knowledge and expertise grew a desire to bring something new to Berthoud. Something that was missing in the community. A locally sourced, elevated experience, with cocktails, and finer dining. In 2018 that desire became reality with the launch of One Point Six North.